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The use of thread in my work secures appliqué, adds definition, outlines form, creating whimsical art pieces. I love the dramatic effects of black thread. Using freehand machine embroidery allows me to draw with thread. I don’t strive for perfection, as in perfect lines because this often seems to lack energy and is too static and I often halt the process when I feel myself moving towards trying to make it straight or too perfect.

I sometimes colour with paint on fabric, I overlay fabrics, sometimes just mark making with black thread. Sometimes I use only straight stitch and an energetic rapid freehand machine embroidery method, overlaying colours and textures. I immerse myself in the freedom of speed of 1600 stitches a minute and the energy of the process. I use only discarded fabrics and frames, wherever possible. My resources and materials dictate the finished article. Unless of course its a commission.


Prints and Originals will be available to purchase online in my Etsy shop soon.

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We generally use at least two colours and prepare the surface in a way that allows glimpses of the colours to show through the top coat. The frames look distressed and age worn which adds to the charm of the piece. If you have a specific look that you’d like, we can accommodate it, with photographs to keep you up to date to ensure that you like the choice you have made.
All our frames are individual. We source them from a variety of places. They are previously used and we restore them, fix them, paint them with eco-friendly chalk paint and give them an individual character of their own to compliment the textile work within.
We can paint you a frame to order with a colour of your choice, and finish of choice. All frames are wax coated which seals the paint and gives a durable finish.

We use Annie Sloan chalk paint and you can find your colour choice


Henllan Post Office


Denbigh Plum Tea Towel commission

Creating a commission is an honour and I will create a unique piece with regular collaboration with the customer. Pieces so far have commemorated Christenings, weddings, golden wedding anniversaries and birthdays, the subjects of which have included The Alps, ballroom dancing, steam trains, beach scenes and house portraits and a local post office. Please see the pictures in the gallery.

Prices start from £80 for 12"x8" frame size.

12x8" = £80 16x14" = £210
12x10" = £110 18x14" = £220
14x10" = £130 18x16" = £240
14x12" = £150 20x16" = £260
16x12" = £180 20x18" = £280
17x12" = £200  

all prices excludes framing.